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Category: Culture

Washington Post Article Major Errors

The W.P. article made yet another ERROR when it said, “Shannon also cooperated with the CID investigation, which could not “prove or disprove Ms. Shannon’s allegation she was raped.” NOT […]

In My Defense…

I gave an interview to  Tom Jackman from the Washington Post because he promised to be fair.  But that is not what he did.  He misquoted me and my lawyer, […]

Rebellion Is In American Blood!

As I was commenting on a question from a reader about the recent N. Korean threats against America, I suddenly realized that my family has been involved in Korean politics […]

Archie Bunker Was Right

I always did hate Meathead.  Even as a kid.  He whined, he free-loaded, avoided the draft; he was arrogant and he thought it was all about peace, love and sharing- all […]

Why Evolution Makes No Sense Today- Article 1

Western, White Scientists Determine What Exists The thing I love about atheists is that they love jargon.  Scientific jargon.  Especially when they want to refute creationism or religion.  Example: “The […]

Why Evolution Makes No Sense Today

I began writing this article and quickly realized that this topic cannot be addressed in one, fell swoop.  It must be broken down into subject areas.  The following are the […]

A Thinking Nobody is a Dangerous Nobody

You know, in this world of high-tech media frenzy, a person can get to feeling like a nobody amongst the glitterati.   Those overly adorned, shiny people who seem to soar […]