It’s Good For America to Pull Out of ‘Free’ Trade & Environmental ‘Treaties’ and Here’s Why…

June 1 (above article)  and Short Little Rebel commenting (below) on Kontorovich’s article.

Very interesting. Congrats to Trump on this one. It’s gotten to the point where presidents (think Obama) think they can do whatever they want. Example: we just send soldiers anywhere, anytime, for any purpose and for any length of time now. We don’t bother telling Congress or the American public. That part (ie, declaring war) of the Constitution is over with. Making treaties is apparently the same now. So HAPPY that Trump is taking America out of these TREACHEROUS ‘deals’ that make our sovereignty vulnerable. The so-called Paris ‘Treaty’ weakened our manufacturing.

We need our JOBS back. Frankly, I hope he can bring all our American icons back- think Levi Strauss, Converse, Budweiser, Purina, Good Humor, Frigidaire, Rawlings Baseballs, Radio Flyer, Mattel’s Barbies and other toys, Etch A Sketch, All Televisions (even though it was invented in the United States), Huffy, Schwinn, iPads (pant pant*) AND, most ironically, the Game of Monopoly (the game about American capitalism!!), Most American Flags and even the U.S. Olympic UNIFORMS!!

NONE of these truly iconic products are made in America. None. How many jobs is that, anyway? What has done this to us? Well, first and foremost have been these ‘Open Trade’ agreements. Please know that they are not the same as ‘capitalism’. Normal capitalism can’t take into account the realities of today’s world situation. We can’t compete with starving wages and countries like China who simply don’t value human life. Their strategy is to use people’s lives as weapons in corporate warfare. They don’t mind if millions die of starvation if that is what it takes to tear down our corporations. They only feed their soldiers and their elite. Once they have decimated our companies, bought them or lured them over to their cheap labor force, they will increase their labor costs. But we, the American People will then be the ones without companies to work for. And they will the be winners of the great world game. The problem for the United States is that we care about human lives and they don’t. Normal capitalism models don’t take that into account. As conservatives, we can’t support these open trade agreements.

Even if unions weren’t as demanding as they are, they still can’t compete with starvation. The only solution is to close our borders to their products and penalize their imports with taxes. They need to pay to play. period. And we need to force them to pay their workers- or we don’t do business with them. If there is going to be a treaty, let it be the treaty of nations who refuse to do business with nations who would starve their workers!

The Progressive liberals KNOW this and that is exactly why they insist on open trade between extremely poor countries and rich ones. There can be only certain winners: the giant corporations and their owners. The PEOPLE lose. They are mere cannon balls to be loosed against one another.

Trump sees how this game is played. I’ve heard him speak about it many times before he was president. He used to talk about how other nations would laugh at us, at our stupidity and blindness. He knows the game. I believe he is a patriot. That’s why he got my vote.

These environmental accords are just more crippling techniques to keep rich nations like the United States from being able to compete with nations like China. Do you think China is going to stymie their factories with extra costs like we will be? ha! We are already being hammered by their starving workers’ wages. Add these impossible costs to our emaciated manufacturing and you will kill it off completely. There will be NO JOBS left in America for the middle/lower classes. None. And people will just have to live off the dole and be bored out of their skulls every day.

And what do bored, jobless men do? They become bitter and angry. And what do bitter and angry men do? They do violence to one another.

And evil men at the top of all this can use this anger and bitterness to bring the military upon them with ‘a good excuse’ now and master them even harder. A new order must now be imposed. No economy. Martial law. Hopelessness. A new solution must be found. Oh! Perhaps a merge with the United Nations, perhaps? What if we merged with all other nations? A ONE-WORLD-GOVERNMENT?? Since, you know, the ‘old’ American doesn’t work anymore?

Are you seeing how this goes? It is very logical



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