REMINDER: 11am LIVE Service from Canyon Creek Church Hosted on Short Little Rebel Blog!

REMINDER:  For all of you who don’t have a church or the ability to attend your church, I will be posting the LIVE church service for Canyon Creek Church with Pastor Brandon, the Fight Pastor.  When you click the link, expand the screen.  That way, you won’t have to see any comments or remarks or anything else that is distracting.  11am!  Be there or be square!

Video streaming by Ustream


One comment

  1. I hope you all enjoyed this sermon. Those who missed it can check out the sermon portion at the same Ustream location. You can find the sermon you think sounds interesting and you can just click it! Sadly, the awesome praise & worship part won’t be there, but you will still receive God’s beautiful message! God bless you all! Susan


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