Canadian Police Violate Christian Free Speech at Gay Pride 2012

Just in case you missed my previous post where I lambasted the gay pride movement as essentially selfish, lewd and anti-Christian, make sure you catch it either before or after this video.   The gay pride movement- and the homosexual movement in general- is 100% anti-Christian in nature.   And the government is supporting it above the free speech & civil rights of Christian citizens.  The following video will show how the government and the police will not protect the freedom of speech of Christian people, but will only uphold the free speech of homosexuals.  Flag stomping, cursing, throwing bottles & physical assaults by homosexuals (& Muslims) on peaceful Christians is now being blamed on the peaceful Christians.  Just their signs announcing God’s love are considered ‘rabble rousing’ and they are the ones the police harass.   In fact, the following video shows the police officers actually attempting to block the Christian’s legal stall and thus prevent him from exercising his free speech.  In the end, the Christian is actually physically assaulted by the police.  Not one homosexual attacker is arrested or harassed by the police.  Christians, Jesus & God ARE political.  Anyone who believes otherwise misunderstands politics, history & the Bible at the most fundamental level.  True conservative understand this very well.


One comment

  1. They hate religion only because no religion condones their actions. Each and every group has a right to assembly. Once again though, Christians are the ones actually being persecuted. What does that say about the police and law makers in all countries ? Which way do they swing ?… Food for thought.


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