Plastic Bag Ban Approved For L.A. Markets tells followers of the Foldin’ State of its latest advance-to-the-rear. As always in modern CaliFunya, it’s improving things for the environment by making it more difficult and expensive for people to live in it. Following the environmentalists’ logic, they must soon advocate the extirpation of earth-based humanity if they seriously plan to save the poor, threatened planet. For whom they are saving it has somehow thus far escaped explanation.

The groups of ‘advocates and environmentalists’ that pushed all but one L.A. City Councillor into voting the ban had also demanded banning paper bags but even the shriveled menatalities of the Councillors twitched at that, probably at the thought of their spouses standing at the checkout stand before a pile of groceries lacking a cargo net. They made a gooo-faith effort, though; they have forced the markets to charge 10 cents per bag for the paper ones. It’ll be…

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