We are under assault. Plain & Simple. If you care, read these bills and papers from our government. They will singe your eyelashes.

Western Rifle Shooters Association

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  1. I can only imagine the ineptitude of an “environmental police” under the dept of Homeland Security, what a joke! Way to go guys, keep letting obvious things through, but damned if you’re going to make life easy on the guy who just fixed the plane he’s boarding-geez, what a joke.

    Rebel, keep the blogs coming! I just found your site, and it’s refreshing to see such sound reasoning these days! Great job!


    • Thanks, Robert. About 50% of the people think I have ‘sound reasoning’ and the other 50% ask me about my tin foil hat! ha, ha! It always reassures me to find other people out there to spread the word. I KNOW that if the American people knew what was happening, they would put a stop to it. Unfortunately, the news is 100% owned & operated (see my Rupert Murdoch article where I trace ownership through the stock market) by the same people pushing these unconstitutional laws through. Weakening the constitution is their #1 goal. Weaken it and call it a ‘living document’ and thus annihilate the inviolability of the constitution. And thus, prepare the groundwork for the U.S. to lose it sovereignty.


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