Christian Music Has Come a Long Way, Baby!

by Susan Shannon

My father was a career Army man.  That is actually relevant to my story because this meant I never stayed in one place for too long.  We moved all over the world and across many states here in the U.S.  I tell you this because I can confidently say that I have dabbled in pretty much every denomination’s church music as we visited church after church in our travels.  My girlhood conclusion on ‘church’ music:   YAWN.  And another YAWN.

I love to dance.  I love to sing.  In fact, throughout my 20’s, dancing is the number one way I stayed fit.  But dancing in Church?  No way!  In fact, I distinctly remember feeling a long frown on my face as the organ ground away on those impossible melodies- more like dirges than a medium to worship the most exciting Person who ever lived!

Needless to say, it never occurred to me to listen to Christian music for a good time.  Church music was more like a penance for my sins on Sunday than for fun.

But recently, I have been turned on to a new phenomena:  Christian Pop.  Check out these tunes from Soul Candy by Michael Castaneras & the House of Praise Worship Band:

Now, THIS is what God intended when he made music!  Why should Christian music be boring?  Isn’t it about the most exciting, the most dynamic, the most powerful thing on earth:  God & Jesus?  I mean, look at how God applied his  mind & his  talents.  Is a sunset boring?  Are birds chirping in the morning mist dull?  When the trees turn to fire in the autumn sun, do you yawn?  Is it punishment to see the underwater world explode into life?  Do the colors in cosmic clouds cause you pain?  NOO!!  They reflect the joyful nature of God’s own heart!

So why should music feel like a penance??  I am so glad that Christians have finally understood the joyful nature of God.  No longer do we look down our noses at musical joy and soulful singing.  What a HUGE relief!


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