The Federal Reserve for Dummies: Lesson Number 2

Look, the Rothschild's are about to lose their lawn maintenance and the Goldman Sachs are about to cancel their nail appointments. They really need this loan deal with you guys... you know the American People are good for it..

Another little crash coarse in the Federal Reserve. This explains a little more about its relationship with Goldman Sachs, quanitative easing (ie, money printing), the subprime disaster, a short history lesson and a lot of humor. Now, pay attention students!



  1. REQUIRED READING Mullah Barack Hussein Obama – (spoiled, petulant, narcissistic little child. ) The Blueprint – Culture of Corruption – Demonic – Obama Nation – Crimes Against Liberty – The Manchurian President – The Roots of Obama’s Rage – Revolt! – Control Freaks – Liberty and Tyranny – The Shadow Party – Obamanomics


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