YouTube Cartoon Maker Made Fun of the Police- Now He’s Being Hunted Down

Is this America anymore?  This article shows a Renton, WA police department attempting to abuse their arrest authorities in the pursuit of a cartoonist who made fun of a police department.  Apparently, the video cartoon featured immoral conduct- mostly sexual- that the Renton police feel applied to them.  Seems to me that we would never have assumed it was them until they decided to make such a public stink about it.  Well, now we can assume that the nonsense in the cartoons isn’t really nonsense.  These cops actually did the deeds!  How dumb can a police chief be?

Obama also released (fired) a reporter for video taping (with her cell phone) people heckling the president and using it for a news story.  Freedom of speech, anyone?

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    • It is scary when the police think they can arrest someone just because they embarrassed them. As for Obama, recently there has been some uproar from Dem. senators & representatives over people making fun of the Annointed One. They want it to stop! Just nuts.


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