Video About the New World Order & Obama

Get some coffee- take a bathroom break. Make sure you have a little time. This video is frightening. It also agrees with much I have been theorizing over the past two months concerning Obama and his desire to create a new American Union. Apparently the actual name being thrown about is: The North American Union. And while I’ve been saying Ameri-dollar, others have been saying Amero. Funny. Cause I saw this happening without first seeing the video. The video was made years ago (2008) and yet, someone who has heard nothing of it has seen the plan unfolding. Interesting, to say the least.  No wonder they need control of the Internet.  Cause even though the news media is quiet as a tomb, the People are not.  The Internet must be controlled to stop us from finding this out.

I don’t think that the video is correct about one thing:  The American Union will include Brazil.  It will need its oil when the Middle East burns.



  1. My, my how the FAMILY names are coming out of the closet! There will be more to follow! I had hoped that the citizens of the United States would at least have an opportunity to fight back during the next election, but evidently the FAMILIES have seen the outgrowth of rebellion and may try to squash it before it grows further. Control of the internet is indeed important to this end!

    Keep in mind that the FAMILIES driving the One World Order and full control of ALL activities on planet earth already have much, much more money than they can ever spend. Also keep in mind that these same people have no national boundaries. What then do they have to gain by absolute control? As I am well versed in Ocultic Activities, I say they need worship as gods under their own god Lucifer!


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