Secession! It Begins.

Remember my  Secession or Civil War- The Time is Near article?  Well, it has begun.  13 Southern California counties are proposing a full secession from the State of California to become the 51st State.  When I wrote my article, it sparked a little controversy.  But look, here it is.  There is only so long that people will tolerate liberal progressivism that is breaking the United State’s back- economically and from a civil rights standpoint.  Obama & the Progressive Liberals are stomping on the Constitution & The Bill of Rights with ever accelerating speed.

This government is broken.  It cannot respond to the demands of its citizens.  It WILL not.  It has become in love with itself.  Money via illegal presidential contributions like Obama’s $35,800 dinners are making only the uber rich voices heard.  Lobby groups, also funded by the uber rich are dismantling the 14th amendment’s mandate of equal representation by making the tyranny of the minority possible in America.

It is only a matter of time before a state decides to petition to secede from America.  And Obama, with his personal military will not let them go peacefully.  Of that, you can also be sure.



  1. I’ve heard, months back that California asked wether or not it was constitutional to revert back to territorial status. So they’ve been thinking along these lines for quite a while…


  2. Short Little Rebel,

    I have been expecting entire states to start secession procedures. We do have tremendous problems in this country. Mayby marraigecoach1 is correct!


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