Herman Cain’s Music Video- This Guy’s Got It! Yeow!

Raise Some Cain!

I LOVE THIS GUY! He has my vote!!!



  1. Holy Cow! Thank you for that blog. First time I saw the video. Loved every minute of it. Is it possible that this guy is for real!! Is it possible that there is a politician that still loves this country? 5 stars for Herman Cain!

    You two ought to run together.


  2. Hey Shortie
    What is Herman Cain doing making a speech at a Tea Party rally for. Didn’t he get the memo from the libtards that the Tea Partiers are all a bunch of racists high school dropouts?


  3. My local paper says Mr. Cain can’t win because he hasn’t won an election before. My statement: Bullpucky!!! He has the knowledge, the drive, and the integrity to serve America well. I stand for Herman Cain! I support Herman Cain! He is the ONLY candidate with the business sense, the common sense to turn this nation around…now let’s raise some CAIN!


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