Want to be a better Debater? Learn Critical Reasoning!

Want to be a better Debater? Learn Critical Reasoning!.

Hello, fellow bloggers. Sometimes our debates wallow in irrelevant details on a topic. May I share with you something that has been critical to me over my lifetime of being a pushy, opinionated person? (you are supposed to laugh at this point, you know, because I am so clearly NOT a pushy… well you know what I mean!).

Here is a most excellent link to a concise description of a thing called Critical Thinking. You will learn that statistics, technical jargon, studies, degrees & titles have nothing to do with sound reasoning. Arguments can not be won by these things whatsoever. Because of one simple fact: you can always find more of those things which support YOUR opinion. In fact, they are almost useless. And if you use those things to make an argument, it just bogs down to a war of stats, titles, jargon & studies. There will be no advancement in the debate whatsoever on this basis. Only sound, logical thought can achieve results. I took a course in college at it changed my life forever. I humbly submit it to you for your perusal. I truly believe that if everyone took a short class in Critical Reasoning & Logic, our country (or even just our blogs) would be much improved.


Good reading and good luck on all future debates!




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