Create Easy, Cheap Portraits of Your Family

It is sooooo important to take the time out of your day to photograph your family members!  Especially as portraits.  Time can not, will not ever flow backward!  If you do not take the time, you will regret it the rest of your life.  You don’t need a fancy studio or a fancy camera.  You don’t need to go anywhere special.  All you need is love for your family & a few tips.  If you pay attention, you will find plenty of opportunities to immortilize your loved ones by capturing them in everyday activities.  But you have to decide if you are going to take a portrait.  If so, you need to think of a few things before you press the shutter.  It is EASY to follow these simle ideas.  Here are a few of my own photos.  Click on each photo for a decription on how it was created.   You can acheive these exact results with a basic digital camera and the free Google software Picasa.  I also use Adobe Photoshop to clean up spots.  But Picassa now has a great feature to do this.  Sometimes I prefer their free ‘band aid’ feature to expensive Photoshop!

Caught in the Act of Silliness
Kids playing dress up
Daughter resting under table
Caught in the Act
Sister Protects Brother From Rain
Father & Son
Son reading
My Son Loved His New Clothes
Son Plays Dress Up with Dad's Clothes & Shoes
Precocious Daughter with Son Peeking in Background
Mother & Child Reading
Hard to Fill Dad's Shoes
Daughter playing jump rope
Girls playing Dress up In Mommy's Clothes
Sexy Husband

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