My Garden, My Passion

These are photos of the backyard.  When we moved in 10 years ago, none of this was here.  These ten years have allowed some of the trees and bushes to finally acheive some shape.  We had to fix a hole in our water garden this year.  What a mess!  But here are the results.  I can’t wait for the water lilies and the pond plants to flesh out.  Only one koi left- have decided to stock with ordinary goldfish each year and just forgoe the ugly racoon & heron fence.

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    • Thanks, Lyn. It is a joy to garden and teaches you a lot. It makes you a better person. I have learned that it is important to plant ‘substantial’ plants such as trees and shrubs as the basis for the garden. They add height. Throw in a few grasses and perinneals and you have a great garden in about three years. Unfortunately for me, gaining this knowlege came from 10 years of trying! ha, ha.


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