Do Bonsai to Relieve Stress!

My Favorite Bonsai Replanted

Today, I did a little Bosai outside in the sunshine on my patio.  I’ve been awaiting some important business news and my nerves are a little shot- so I turned to my little trees to relax.  My favorite tree was ready to get out of its big pot and have its roots trimmed.  I wanted oh, so, badly to just stick it in the gorgeous bonsai pot I bought for it, but alas, I have killed too many specimens that way.  Bonsai has finally taught me a little (emphasis on little) patience.  I trimmed its roots, and acknowleging my poor watering habits, I went ahead and put it in the ground under shady trees so that it could grow more small, local roots closer to the base.  I will have to wait until next year, at the earliest, to see it in that pot!  Sigh!  Susan



  1. Would be wonderful if I had time, but these engineering classes seem to rule my life haha, but the picture was pretty cool.


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